Pinter at the Pinter: David Suchet

Pinter at the Pinter: David Suchet

Famous for being the longest playing Hercule Poirot on TV, David Suchet is currently busy rehearsing “The Lover” and “The Collection” which will be performed as part of the Pinter at the Pinter review from September 13th to October 20th , directed by  Jamie Lloyd.

Two miniature comedic masterpieces which Pinter wrote in the sixties and which explore secrets, lies and seduction. Playful and provocative, “The Lover features” a conventional, suburban couple in unconventional circumstances. “The Collection”, hailed as one of the outstanding plays of the 20th Century by Laurence Olivier, delves into the intriguing mystery of two London couples linked by sexual desire and a quest for supremacy.

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